Monday, October 2, 2017

Angry Spanks

Well hello and happy very early Monday.
I normally post on Sunday but our day was just so busy that I didn't have time. My blog is currently under construction,,,

so the look of things may change a bit and links are still being added to things so if a link doesn't work yet please check back a little later. This chick is not the most savvy when it comes to techie issues, I'm working on it though...

So this brings me to today's post. I woke bright and early Sunday morning planning to work on the blog look and layout and I have to say... this is darn confusing! So as I read up on Java and applied some recommendations here and there, I couldn't get my links to work. I think I may know what the issue is so hopefully this will be resolved soon but I was just seething after sitting for so long trying to figure out how to do different things and running into tech issues that I didn't know how to fix. I needed one of those, "bang your head here," signs!

So anyway, the house started waking up and I was fighting an internal battle that shall we say... well it wasn't good. My dear sweet J tried so hard to be patient and understanding with me but I was royally bitching at that point.

Now I have to say that there are times when loving and patient works for me... and then there are times like this where I just need a few good whacks to get my head back on straight.

So I got off with a warning from dear hubs to behave and went fuming on my way to the shower.

Now honestly guys it took me hours to calm down from my internal storm. I was that angry. I hate computers! I love what they can do but when they don't behave or I can't figure them out I don't deal well. Ever get so frustrated you are either going to cry or scream or self destruct. Yup that was me.

So we had a very busy day. We took our kids out to a halloween festival in the morning and it was great. Fun had by all. We got some adorable pictures of the kids decorating pumpkins, eating donuts, and having a blast in the bounce houses. And by now I was enjoying myself too. I love love love the fall and being outdoors in the cool air watching my children have a good time makes me so happy!

So we returned home for lunch at noon and then began to prepare for one of our children's birthday parties. I tended to our baby and J made pizza for our other kids and got them situated with a movie downstairs. And just as the house began to get calm and quiet again lo and behold the inner bitch poked her head back out. J and I sat down to chat and I ... well got kinda an attitude... and well kinda went a bit too far with it. I was describing to him the issues I had been having with the computer earlier that morning and just started feeling heated all over again. I told him, when I get like I was this morning, please, just spank me. I was way far gone and I couldn't reset myself. It would have been over and done with if he had done just that. I felt badly that I had been in such a mood but at the time I couldn't reign it in. So anyways we sat and talked quietly and we were coming to an understanding but then ... well I got upset about something he said. I don't remember what it was now and I said something in retort. Yeah I know right, bad move!

The man bodily led me to the stairs and proceeded to march me up them giving me a couple sharp whallops as we ascended. When we got to the bedroom it was all over. He yanked me over the bed and spanked the daylights out of my ass. Oh I had got under his skin all right and he was pretty miffed. I tried to plead my case as he whalloped away... didn't work. Then the baby began fussing in her swing so I was released to tend to her.

The rest of the day went very well. No more bitchy moments. J came up to me later as I prepared for the party and put his arms around me and  told me he loved me and I told him I was sorry for how I'd acted and we were put back to rights.

 Yeah, not the perfect submissive here but I'm working on it.

I hope you all have a good week. Wish me luck with the baby girl temper. It's going to be a busy one for us with school and a co-op field trip tomorrow... fun times! ...As long as I don't get lost driving... and now to set the GPS!


  1. Hi Jlynne, I can totally identify, I'm not very technically savy and I get the same way with computer issues. I love how this ended, with everything put back to rights. Sounds like it was an otherwise wonderful and fun family day :

    Good luck with the week ahead and the field trip.


  2. JLynne,
    We all have those moments when we lose it, and I'm not techie either, so totally understand your frustrations there as well! Happy it ended well. Praying you have a great week!