Sunday, October 8, 2017

Role Reversal...If the Tables Were Turned (bwahahaha)

Good Morning! I hope you're doing well! 

First I must give a shout out to my dear friend, I'll call her D. So a couple posts back I wrote about a day I had where I hadn't slept or been able to shower or do much of anything in regards to self care and was dying to take a bath when J got home. It was titled, Down with the Bath Bomb. Well just after publishing that post we arrived home one day and there was a Bath and Beauty bag at our door. It had bubble bath in it and lotion and the biggest bath bomb I'd ever seen! I knew who it was from right away as D is always so very thoughtful and every once in a while surprises me with a gift from this shop. The coincidence is that this friend does not read here and so she must have some amazing telepathy to have known just how much that gift would mean to me in that moment. I was humbled and encouraged. Thank you D!

Like always it's been a busy week with school and a field trip, extra curriculars, doctor visits and just the usual household chores and such. Because the weekdays are so busy we leave our household chores for Saturday. In our house J does the shopping. He makes the money, I make the grocery list, and he goes out to conquer and destroy. You know it's that whole hunter gatherer thing.
Meanwhile I clean the house and strip beds, replace towels, and get the kids up and ready for the day. 

So yesterday this was our day and J brought me home these adorable stove top covers with farm animals on them. They were perfect for my kitchen! Now I must say that I have quite a knack when it comes to burning these babies on the stove. I don't know how many pairs of stove covers I've managed to burn since we've been married...

It's just so easy to do and I'm oh so good at it. I simply turn on the wrong burner when I go to cook, the burner that is not uncovered for cooking and voila I've burnt another stove cover and the kitchen smells like burnt paint. It's glorious!

So J set these suckers down and stated, "You burn these and I'll burn your butt," insert evil grin.  
Now I also must say that this is the same man who burnt the cover for the butter just that morning on the toaster. Oh yes he did! Laid it right on top of the toaster whilst he was making toast for one of our bundles of joy. We now have tinfoil covering our butter as the lid to the container  has suffered an untimely demise.

So all this got me thinking in my wicked little mind, hmmm, what if the tables were turned... 
Now I know some couples that practice DD actually do live a female led lifestyle so please don't take offense! It's just not how we do things here... oh but if we did. 
I could burn every  stove cover without consequence for being absent minded. Oh the advantage I could take... spend money without asking, have my way on everything and win every disagreement... I could carry a little bell to ding whenever I wanted the man to come and do my bidding. Insert evil chuckle.

Now obviously I'm joking around here. This is no way to be a dominant and J is not like that at all. And of course I realize this would never work for us. I'm much too happy being the submissive in the relationship and I have no interest whatsoever in spanking J.

So until next time, I hope you all have a good week. And if you'd like, leave a comment and say hello. I'd love to get to know more of my readers!
Take good care!



  1. LoL Jlynne, I think we all have fun thinking what we would do if the roles were reversed from time to time.


    1. Roz,
      I think about it in jest but I would never be happy that way.
      Thanks for stopping by! Your comments always make me smile.