Sunday, November 5, 2017

The not so infamous "implement" post

Hello everyone! Happy Day Light Savings! I hope you are all doing well.
I was enjoying that extra hour of sleep until my dreams took a turn... I was dreaming that J shaved his face (he has a glorious beard) and no longer wanted our life or for me to call him Daddy. The first thing I did when I woke was reach out to run my hands through his beard and as he asked for his coffee I reveled in responding, "Yes Daddy."
Go ahead and laugh or roll your eyes or whatever, lol. I wave my freak flag high ya'll.

Anyhow, I wanted to talk about implements today. Ok so I promise this won't exactly be the infamous implement post. I just want to walk down memory lane a bit here with the implements J's used.

So when we began practicing DD, D/s J used a heavy duty paddle when it came time for punishments.
 The thing was wicked! We don't have it anymore. I'm not sure whatever happened to the dang thing...😉

And not only did it hurt like all get out, it was LOUD! One day after being given a punishment the night before I was coming from my van to the house and our neighbor happened to be outside.
"How you guys doing?" he asked a big smile, a big knowing smile on his face. J would say I'm being paranoid here but, seriously, it's not his backside apparently on display for all the neighbors to hear.
Anyhow, we tried other things, all loud...

 wooden spoon...


 (don't even get me started)...

tilt wands
 (which we currently use because they are "silent")...

Did you know they have glow- in- the- dark ones...

J thinks I need something more severe because the tilt wand isn't making enough of an impression... or so the man says...  I thinketh he protests too much...

So he threatened the paddle again and I begged him to reconsider. It's not because the thing hurts, honestly, it does but whatever. It's because it's so darn loud. I really don't want the neighborhood to know when I'm punished. Hey, I'm proud of our lifestyle in my own quiet way and would like to leave it to that.

So... he researched and found something that he is looking into trying... it is silent and ...gulp... severe...

You guessed right, the loopy johnny... (should I capitalize that?)

 I mean from what I hear the thing is serious business and I'm a bit apprehensive to say the least.
Any of you used one?

So anyhow, this past week was full of ups and downs and non- submissive moments. We've had a lot of talks and quite a few punishments. The past few days have been better though and I'm trying my darndest to keep it that way.

So until next time, I hope you all have a good week and stay outta trouble!

Love to you all,



  1. Hi Jlynne, This is my first time at your site. Picked you up on Baker's Blog. Anyway, good luck with that loopy johnny. We don't have one. I hear it's a, well, I shouldn't swear my first time commenting on your post. I get stuck with a wire hanger when we need to keep it quiet. Yowwwch!

    1. Hello Amy and welcome! Thank you for your reply. I've heard that too and we've had a couple of conversations about it as I'm not thrilled with the idea. I think the wand is plenty enough... and he must be making good on that bet because he's been swinging it all the harder lately, so I guess we'll see.
      Wire hanger huh... images of Mommy Dearest come to mind... ouch!

  2. Hi Jlynne,

    I totally get being worried about noise. Silent implements do somehow seem to be the worst though!

    Love the spoons lol. All of these look ouchy and from what I have read about the loopy, no thank you! lol


    1. Hi there Roz,
      I know, I hate that we have to use them. But I guess I'm not really suppose to like it...
      Those spoons are cool! If I ever find them they will be in my kitchen, lol!

  3. (Accidentally erased this so have to copy/ paste from email)

    Not sure if he's bought one or not ( Barney took away my computer for the week so I am a bit behind) but they are not all created equal. Some loops are huge, and wrap around. Barney ended up having to put an elastic on ours to make the loop smaller.

    You know he can just take a coax cable and form a loop and tape it. Saves money- and time but be warned it hurts/bruises like the devil!!!

    Speaking of devils, there is something that Cane iac carries called a devil's stick ( I think). It is a braided 'wand' made of some sort of silicone or plastic rope- it might be a better solution for you? Or even silicone 'icing' spatulas. They look like a mini mini paddle- the ones with more 'punch' have a reinforcing rod inside. We used to use one from Betty Crocker. It isn't as stingy as a looping johnny or cane, more thuddy like a paddle but quiet.

    Hope whatever he finds is effective in all the right ways for you.


  4. Hi Willie,
    Thanks for stopping by and... for the ...advice... I think... eep!
    He hasn't bought one yet but I will direct his attention here and see what he says.
    Thanks again....NOT! LOL!