Monday, February 12, 2018

Happy Valentines Day!!

A few days ago Baker wrote a post about a love song that reminds her of her relationship with her husband and she asked fellow bloggers to comment with their favorite love songs, so in preparation for Valentines Day, I thought I would write a post with songs that make me think of my J. 

This first one was our wedding song... 14 years ago! Whenever it comes on we still look at each other with a gleam in our eyes and one of us usually meanders over to turn up the radio. This is Love of My Life by Jim Brickman (with Michael W. Smith)...

This next song makes me think of J and how we are now... our relationship has changed so much since he became the leader of our marriage and home and I agreed to submit to him. I love the first two lines of the song...  'You roll through life like a rolling fire, I bring the rain like a thunderstorm'
So true... I used to say I came into adulthood with my claws out- I trusted no one. J calms my storms (sometimes by lighting a fire in my ass) ... the next lines... "Yea we found peace on a battlefield, It all makes sense in love and war' ... Sometimes beginning this way of life and switching roles around literally feels like a battlefield in the beginning.. but yea, it all makes sense when we do this thing we do in love. I know you all know what I mean. Enjoy this one!

This last one is a hard one... it reminds me how I feel when I've strayed too far from J and have begun relying on 'me' and not 'US'. When I try to go it alone instead of leaning on him and letting him guide me, when I'm worn out for trying so hard instead of trusting him, when I've fought against him and lost my way... this one is the one I think of.

 And here are some photos that really express the heart of submission or the way I see my submission to J... The feeling behind these photos, the complete trust and giving of self is what I want to strive for. I am happiest when I am here...

Happy Valentines Day to all of you,


Jlynne 💘


  1. What a lovely post Jlynne. Wonderful songs and I love the pics. Wishing you and J a wonderful Valentines Day :)


    1. Thank you Roz. Wishing the same to you and Rick.

  2. The pictures you chose are very moving. Nice job. Enjoy your Valentine's Day.