Sunday, February 18, 2018


Hey guys,

Well I haven't accomplished much in terms of my many goals this week but I am proud of what I have accomplished. The carbs and exercise still need work but I've done great with drinking lots of water each day and keeping up with my commitments.
So I want to continue in these this next week but also really focus on limiting the carbs and exercising each day.
I'm still catching up with you all so will try to leave comments for you soon. Cheers to another successful week!



  1. Ha, I'd rather be Wonder Woman too! And it's not how much we accomplish, it's how we keep plugging away at all this, right?

  2. You're right Olivia, thank you!
    Yes, I'd rather be her too. So much hotter than barbie!

  3. Hi Jlynne, yep, I'd rather look like Wonder Woman too. Good on you with the water. Here's to a successful week ahead :)


  4. Yes to being more like Wonder Woman!
    And I'm glad you're feeling better about your goals. I struggle with drinking enough water in the winter. I should get some more right now!

  5. Woopse missed this one... thanks Lea!
    Yes, drink lots of water! I find that when I do it releases endorphins or something bc I feel really good. Is that... like.... possible?